Could you help grow wetland plants at home?

Freshwater Habitats Trust are looking to engage local people to grow wetland plants at home, with the aim of growing plants to ‘release’ into high quality wetland habitats and restore dwindling wild populations. If you are interested in either growing these vital plants, or helping to coordinate neighbourhood or local community propagation, then please get in touch with David Morris via email:

Volunteers will be supported by the Freshwater Habitats Trust team with:

  • Home delivery of seedlings, adult plants or seed to grow at home during summer 2022, together will all the materials and information needed to do grow the plants
  • On-going support during and leading up to the growing period, including one-to-one sessions, group training sessions and online videos and other media
  • Online media to communicate the story of volunteers’ plant species, including their ecology, historic distribution and conservation needs, and the journey of their plants from the wild to conservation hubs, their homes and translocation into the wild

More information about the rare plant propagation work is online here, and will be updated as the project progresses.

Funded by the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund, this is the first project to put into practice Freshwater Habitats Trust’s new landscape-scale strategy for the protection of freshwater biodiversity — the Freshwater Network.  As well joining up and protecting key freshwater habitats and species across the county by restoring and building ponds, alkaline fens and floodplains, they’re connecting local people directly with nature conservation. They’ll be harnessing the power of the community to directly tackle the decline of some of the region’s most endangered wetland plants through a programme of community-based rare plant propagation – GroWet.